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I was overwhelmed with this reading from Martha.  So many juicy parts of me came forward. Some known with  many in the shadows.  Martha wove astrology with her intuitive gifts to present who I am on a soul level. This reading became my operating instructions to delve into deeper areas where more gifts lie dormant .  The chart highlights and guidance will propel me to step out into the unknown and claim who I am.  Your birth chart is such an intimate guide and I felt validated for the first time.

Recently, a friend gave me a unique and meaningful birthday present; a natal astrology reading with Martha Lacy. Martha was able to take me on an intellectual, entertaining, and enlightening journey despite my lack of prior knowledge related to astrology. She guided me through a discussion in which she explained how the celestial positions at the time of my birth could influence my personality and behavior. This was an engaging experience in which Martha encouraged me to reflect and respond to her comments. There were multiple layers of my personal astrological information that we discussed and at the end of the session, I felt exhilarated, hopeful, and empowered by the possibilities to explore more in the future.

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Astrologer & Reiki Teacher

My goal is to empower you. I help you gain clarity and insight as you face major life choices and changes. I help you gain perspective regarding your gifts and talents as well as your challenges,  so you can choose your best life. 

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