Jupiter in the Garden of the Ram

This month Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16. In anticipation of this, I want to introduce you to Jupiter. I know most of you have heard of Jupiter, king of the gods, but how many of you really have a feel for what Jupiterian energy is in your life? Open any Astrology textbook and you’ll see Jupiter described as the planet, that governs growth and expansion, optimism, generosity, benevolence, good fortune, social, consciousness, philosophy, wisdom, spirituality, faith, adventure, and going beyond limits. It is the planet that is concerned with the big picture and our sense of higher purpose. These words all sound great in theory, but how do they manifest in our daily lives?

Jupiter is the planet that brings a sense of adventure and higher purpose to our lives. If you want to capture of the essence of Jupiter look up the song, “Dream the impossible dream” by Andy Williams. I apologize to everyone who is my age and older in advance, because I just put an earworm in your head.  Jupiter gives us the sense that extraordinary things can happen.  When you cultivate a relationship with the Jupiter in your chart, you will be better able to recognize and take advantage of the good fortune and opportunities that come your way. Jupiter instills a perpetual sense of wonder. It sees underlying potential and opportunities to develop something remarkable. Think of Jupiter, when you reflect on Michelangelo seeing the David in a block of granite.  Think of Jupiter, when you think of Steve Jobs imagining everyone with a personal computer. Think of Jupiter, when you reflect on Oprah Winfrey, growing up in poverty in Mississippi, and going onto become a billionaire with her own media company.  She is a particularly Jupiterian figure because she is known for her philanthropy and her good humor. She is involved in projects that benefit the downtrodden in society, such as the schools for girls that she founded in Africa.  She is also involved in politically and supports causes for social justice.

As Christopher Renstrom says: “In mythology, Jupiter is always sneaking out the back door of Mount Olympus so he can go frolic among the mortal folk. Unlike other father gods in world religions, Jupiter is not aloof or distant. He takes a very active role in the creative process, and is famous for all the humans he beds and impregnates. It could be said that he is a philanderer, but those myths illustrate the principle that he expands everything he touches.  By commingling the immortal with the mortal, Jupiter brings a bit of heaven down to earth”.

Jupiter is known for his generosity and desire to “share the wealth”. He  was protective of those who could not fend for themselves. Christopher Renstrom recaps the story the poet Ovid told about Jupiter and Mercury visiting a town incognito. “They are turned away from every door but one. An elderly couple, barely able to feed themselves, invites the two strangers in to share a meal. As they wait upon their guests, miraculous things begin to happen. The wine pitcher refills itself. Olives and figs reappear as soon as they’ve been eaten. Eventually it dawns on the couple that these are no ordinary strangers, and the gods reveal their true identities. Impressed with the couple’s hospitality, they honor the mortals by making them guardians of a magnificent temple. The rest of the town is destroyed unceremoniously. Years later when the man and wife are on the verge of death, they are transformed into trees that stand forever entwined in each other’s embrace”.

The Jupiter in your chart is also concerned with philosophy and spiritual beliefs. He is associated with faith and belief in a higher power. This may or may not be associated with formal religion, but is centered in the belief of the essential goodness of people. Jupiter believes that questions and debates expand a person’s horizons.  He understands the value of  a sense of wonder and the need to explore the world.

Jupiter is  concerned with metaphysical.  He asks “what do I believe in? Am I doing the right thing? Does this circumstance serve some kind of higher purpose? Does it have unseen potential?  He helps you tune into your inner divine guidance.  He asks “Do you feel like good fortune is happening to you for a reason?”  Christopher Renstrom tells us “Good luck is more than just a reward for a job well done; it’s a calling card from your higher purpose”.

Jupiter typically spends about a year in each sign. Except for a brief retrograde back into Pisces late last year, Jupiter has been in Aries for the past year.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is the first month of Spring.  It is known as the sign that starts things.  Jupiter’s presence there these past few months may have felt like you are turbo charging whatever new endeavors you wish to pursue.  Taurus is the second sign in the Zodiac.  It is associated with the full flowering of spring.  It is a fixed sign, so it sustains whatever was started in Aries.  It is earthy and pragmatic. Taurus is ruled by Venus and associated with sensuality, beauty, and art, but also stability, security, and material possessions. Jupiter in Taurus combines Jupiter’s generosity, faith and expansiveness with the stabilizing grounding energy of Taurus which can bring a sense of abundance and prosperity.  Taurus is earthy and sensual.  It loves the beauty of a walk in nature, revels in eating great food, loves connection with animals and talking with your best friend. Taurus is practical and grounded.  Jupiter in Taurus supercharges Feng Shui for the earth. 

Jupiter brings opportunities.  In order to recognize how this transit lands in your chart, think back to previous times Jupiter was in Taurus: 

June 2011-June 2012

May 1999- May 2000

March 1988- March 1989

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