The Taurus New Moon and the Magic of Daydreaming

I love this time of year!  The days are getting longer.  I have been out scattering a mix of wild grass seeds on our property.  Today is the Taurus New Moon. Old time farmer’s almanacs always recommended planting during the the new moon because they new seed scattered now was highly likely to “take” and grow. What exactly makes this particular new moon so fertile?  Ancient astrologers used to talk about the “light half” of the year and the “dark half” of the year.  The light half started with the winter solstice and continues until the summer solstice.  It is the part of the year when the days are getting longer; the light is growing.  The Sun and Moon both have their signs of exaltation during the light half of the year: the sun exalted in Aries and the Moon exalted in Taurus.  What does it mean to be exalted in a sign? When the Sun, Moon or a planet is exalted in a sign, it is treated as an honored guest. It’s ability to function is enhanced in that sign.  Taurus is ruled by Venus.  This means Venus is  at home in Taurus and sets all the household rules.  The Moon is treated as her honored guest.  She makes sure the Moon has the best room, the best towels, and her favorite food and beverages. The Moon gets the best recliner chair and has the TV remote, picking all her favorite shows and movies.  The New Moon in Taurus is the time when the moon showers all her blessings on us and is generous and kind.  She is in her favorite place. Today, not only is the Moon in her favorite place, the two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, are also in Taurus.  Saturn, the planet who honors hard work and helps you with self discipline, is making a sextile to this new moon, meaning he will work with the energy created by this moon to help amplify your rewards. 

This is a powerful time to cast a wish and plant a seed. Do this exercise sometime in the next two weeks while the moon is waxing. A particularly powerful way to do this is to daydream. Yes, daydream!  Most of us are taught at a young age that daydreaming is a waste of time. We should be doing more serious things.  But daydreaming is a potent way to manifest what you want in life. Consciousness is what moves energy into form. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or make a cup of tea, settle into a bath, or your favorite chair, and spend 10-20 minutes daydreaming.  What do you want in your life in the next 9 months?  What about the next 2.5 years?  The new moon today is the start of a cycle that matures over the next 27 months, so take some time to savor your musings.  The more vividly you see it in your mind’s eye and feel into the joy of the reverie, the greater the energy of the seed planting.  These are my suggested tasks for you:  Daydream, laugh, sing and feel joy. When you feel your daydream is complete, state the essence of it out loud and know the Moon has heard you.  

Intrigued by the magic of the new moon and how it can impact your life? Visit to delve deeper into the world of astrology and discover how the cosmos can guide you on your personal journey. Below you will find how the Taurus New Moon energies are landing in your life. You may want to read the horoscope for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

Aries: Cultivating Abundance: A Taurus New Moon for Financial Transformation

The Taurus New Moon nestled in your 2nd house (finances, possessions, values) with pleasure-loving Venus and expansive Jupiter is a potent time to transform your relationship with money and cultivate a strong foundation of values.  The 2nd house is not just about money; it’s also about what holds value for you. This New Moon invites you to reflect on your core values and how they align with your financial habits. Do you spend on things that truly bring you joy and fulfillment? Are your values reflected in your budget? You may find it easier over the next 9 months to find discipline, patience, to overcome hidden self limiting beliefs about resources and money. Over the next 2 years you may see your career opportunities expand. Set realistic goals, make a plan, track spending, and don’t forget to be grateful. This energy will help ensure that any steps you take will magnified and rewarded. 

Taurus: Reimagine Yourself: A Taurus New Moon for Self-Renewal

This new moon is occurring in your first house, allowing you to redefine yourself in body, mind, and spirit.  A Taurus New Moon in your 1st house sextile to Saturn in Pisces is fantastic for self-renewal! Saturn brings structure (plan your goals), discipline (consistent routines), and helps overcome limitations (identify and address negative self-talk). It also rules your 9th house (explore practices for growth) and 10th house (set achievable goals for success). Seek supportive people (11th house) and remember, slow progress with Saturn is steady progress! Enjoy the journey of becoming your best self over the next 2 years.

Gemini: Unveiling the Depths: A Taurus New Moon for Spiritual Growth and Exploration

This new moon, occurring in your 12th house, is an opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation. The 12th house governs the unconscious, dreams, and spirituality. This New Moon invites you to get specific about what “spiritual transformation” means to you. Do you yearn for a deeper connection to a higher power? Perhaps you seek greater inner peace or a more grounded sense of self. Maybe you want to explore past life regression or delve into ancestral healing. By setting a clear intention, you provide a guiding light for your exploration. Saturn, in your 10th house, brings its signature strengths of discipline, structure, and perseverance. While the 12th house deals with the unseen and intangible, Saturn helps you create a framework for exploring it. Schedule regular meditations, prayer practices, or journaling sessions. Consistency is key when working with the unconscious – treat your spiritual exploration with the same dedication you would a professional goal.

Cancer: Expanding Your Circle: A Taurus New Moon for Social Transformation

The Taurus New Moon in your 11th house (friendships, groups) sextile to Saturn in Pisces (philosophy, belief systems) in your 9th house (expansion, learning) is a powerful combination for positive change in your social life and personal growth. Seek out friends who share your values and interests. Join groups aligned with your passions. Embrace structured learning like classes or travel. Be open to questioning your beliefs for a broader worldview. Take inventory of your relationships. Identify unhealthy connections to release. For existing relationships, focus on commitment, communication, and forgiveness.

Leo: Power Up Your Potential

The Taurus New Moon nestled in your 10th house (career, reputation) with Venus and Jupiter is a powerful time to elevate your career and build a strong professional reputation. This auspicious alignment fosters ambition, growth, and opportunities for recognition. You may feel a surge of ambition and motivation. Channel this energy into setting clear and achievable career goals. Create a plan of action and identify resources you need to achieve your aspirations.  Pursue your ideal path with a plan and perseverance. Strengthen professional relationships with open communication and shared goals. Take care not to neglect your personal needs in your quest to climb the ladder.  Create a healthy work-life balance with dedicated work and personal time.

Virgo: Embracing New Horizons

This New Moon in your 9th house is an opportunity to expand your horizons and belief systems. Embrace learning, explore new ideas, and question limiting beliefs. Strengthen existing partnerships and seek new friendships with those who share your interest in growth. It is important for you to take time to create structured routines that foster both creative outlets and personal well-being. Use your daily walk or meditation practice to enhance your spark of genius and imagination.

Libra: A Time for Deep Transformation

The Taurus New Moon nestled in your 8th house (transformation, shared resources) alongside Venus and Jupiter promises a potent period for deep personal growth. This New Moon marks the beginning of a transformative journey. By combining the introspective nature of the 8th house with Saturnian discipline, you can tackle your fears, manage shared resources effectively, and experience a powerful psychological transformation. Consider therapy or ancestral healing practices to address any unresolved family issues. A strong foundation  allows for deeper transformation. Structure your day with dedicated time for self-care and creative pursuits. Regular routines with Saturn’s influence foster discipline and focus. It all starts with the seed of intention planted at the New Moon – nurture it with consistent effort and self-exploration, and witness the beautiful blossoming of your true self.

Scorpio: Partner Up for Success

The Taurus New Moon nestled in your 7th house (partnerships)  presents a golden opportunity for a relationship renaissance. This alignment fosters a desire for connection and growth, making it an ideal time to cultivate deeper, more meaningful bonds. The 7th house governs partnerships and collaborations. This New Moon encourages you to attract individuals who share your values, interests, and goals. Be clear about what you seek in a partner and put yourself out there in environments where you’re likely to meet compatible people. Saturn, ruler of your 3rd house (communication), brings its signature strength of clarity to your interactions. This is an excellent time to practice honest and open communication with your existing partners and potential connections. Express your needs and desires while actively listening to theirs. Clear communication fosters trust and understanding, the bedrock of strong relationships. The 7th house also deals with boundaries in relationships. This New Moon, influenced by Saturn, empowers you to establish healthy boundaries that protect your emotional well-being and personal space. Knowing and communicating your boundaries allows you to build stronger, more respectful connections.

Sagittarius: Building a Healthy You

This Taurus New Moon in your 6th house (health, routines) with Venus and Jupiter is a powerful time to revamp your daily routines for optimal health and well-being. Saturn’s influence adds a layer of discipline and structure, making this a truly transformative period. Create a daily routine that incorporates healthy habits like exercise, meal prepping, and self-care. Saturn’s influence helps you stick to your plan. Focus on sustainability. Don’t overwhelm yourself with drastic changes. Start with small, sustainable tweaks to your routine and gradually build upon them. Sometimes, unhealthy habits are passed down through generations. Consider your family history and identify any patterns you want to break. Saturn empowers you to rewrite the script and create a healthier future. Creating healthy routines around finances can also contribute significantly to your well-being. Consistency is key.  Saturn’s influence can help you stay on track, so leverage its structure and discipline. True well-being extends beyond physical health. Consider incorporating practices that nurture your mental and emotional well-being as well. Building healthy habits takes time and effort. Be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories.

Capricorn: Ignite Your Creativity

The Taurus New Moon nestled in your 5th house (creativity, self-expression) is a potent opportunity for igniting your creative spark! This powerful alignment fosters joy, playfulness, and a strong desire to express yourself authentically. The 5th house is all about joy and self-expression. Explore activities that bring you pleasure, whether it’s painting, writing, music, or simply playing a game. Let yourself loose and have fun! Explore new avenues! Step outside your comfort zone and experiment with different creative mediums. Take a class, join a workshop, or collaborate with other artists. Surround yourself with people who inspire and support your creative endeavors. Saturn, often seen as restrictive, offers valuable support when it comes to creativity. With Saturn ruling your 1st house, you have the potential to develop a unique and authentic creative voice. Embrace your individuality and let it shine through in your work. The 3rd house governs communication and self-expression. Saturn’s presence there empowers you to clearly articulate your creative vision and ideas. This New Moon marks the beginning of a transformative time for your creativity. By combining the playful energy of Venus and Jupiter with Saturn’s focus and discipline, you can rekindle your creative spark, develop your unique voice, and embark on a fulfilling artistic journey.

Aquarius: Cultivate Your Haven

The Taurus New Moon nestled in your 4th house (home, family) is a beautiful time to cultivate a strong sense of home and deepen your bonds with family. This powerful alignment fosters feelings of love, security, and a desire to nurture your roots. The 4th house governs your physical home environment. Consider redecorating or making small changes to create a space that feels warm, inviting, and reflects your personality. Spend quality time with loved ones. Plan dinners, game nights, or simply have meaningful conversations. Venus and Jupiter’s influence encourages open communication and emotional connection. Create traditions to strengthen family bonds and foster a sense of belonging. These traditions can be anything from weekly movie nights to annual holiday celebrations. While Saturn can sometimes feel restrictive, it brings valuable support when it comes to building a strong foundation. A strong sense of self is essential for creating a healthy and secure home environment. Saturn, ruler of your 1st house, can empower you to take responsibility for your well-being and set boundaries that protect your emotional space. This, in turn, allows you to create a more nurturing and supportive environment for your family.

Pisces: Find Your Voice, Find Your Power

The Taurus New Moon nestled in your 3rd house (communication, learning) with Venus and Jupiter is a fantastic time to enhance your ability to express yourself! This empowering alignment fosters clarity, confidence, and a desire to connect with others through your words. The 3rd house governs communication and self-expression. This New Moon encourages you to find your voice and express yourself authentically. Practice clear communication, both written and verbal. Learn new things to expand your vocabulary and intellectual growth. Consider taking a writing class, joining a book club, or simply reading more on topics that interest you. A strong sense of self fosters confidence in communication. Saturn’s influence can help you identify and overcome any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from expressing yourself authentically. With self-confidence comes the courage to share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

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